Statewide Tour of Manufacturing

Each October, manufacturers across the state open their doors to provide students, parents, and the public the chance to learn about modern manufacturing. Tour attendees have the chance to see how STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills are put into practice every day in modern manufacturing.



Sign up for tours throughout October, but most tours will occur during Minnesota Manufacturing Week, October 1-7.


Tours are free to attend.

Changing Perceptions

Each year, tour participants have their eyes opened to just how amazing modern manufacturing is in Minnesota. Participants also learn about the many different careers in manufacturing.

In fact, according to our results for the 2017 Statewide Tour of Manufacturing post-event event survey:

  • 19,698 Estimated individuals attended a tour.
  • 98 Educators attended a tour.
  • 147 Employers participated.
  • 2,970 K-12 Students attended a tour.
  • 76% of students were interested in manufacturing careers.
  • 88% of businesses thought hosting a tour was worthwhile.


“I was so excited about what I saw at Park Industries I went home and created my own project out of a box.”
-Student tour attendee

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